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Alton Location

109 9th St, Alton, IA 51201

Sheldon Location

102 North Runger Ave, Sheldon, IA 51201

Quality Meat and Service

From Beef to Pork, Brats to Patties, and wild game such as Deer and Pheasants, Babcock Meat Company has you covered for all your meat needs.

Great Taste

With our years of experience comes methods and knowledge that will leave you with the best taste that will leave you wanting more.

Highly Recomended

Smiles and service are what set Josh and Kelly's meat company apart.

Positive Reviews

Ask anyone around where they get the best quality butcher and processed meats, it's Babcock Meat Company in Alton and Sheldon

Process Your Meat

Need to process that Deer, Pig, Cow? Have Babcock's do it for you. Fill out the online form, and call Babcocks to setup appointment. Extended hours are available during hunting season!

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